Sweden Introduces New Amendments to Bans on Entry Imposed for Citizens of UK and Denmark

Sweden’s Government has introduced several amendments to the ban on entry which has been previously imposed on citizens of the United Kingdom and Denmark, in a bid to stop the spread of new variants of the Coronavirus pandemic, also detected in several other world countries.
Based on the Government’s statement, the amendments have been made in order to permit children to transit through Sweden from Denmark to the Danish island Bornholm, to meet their parents, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.
Children will be permitted to enter Sweden from either the United Kingdom or Denmark if their purpose is to meet with their parents.
“Even during a pandemic, it’s essential that children can spend time with both their parents. That’s why the Government has introduced this exemption. We’re also ensuring that medical transport services are not affected at a time when the healthcare system is already struggling,” Sweden’s Minister for Home Affairs Mikael Damberg has announced through a statement.Adults who accompany the child during their travel will also be permitted to enter Sweden.
Authorities in Sweden have also clarified that transport between Sweden and Denmark for health purposes will continue to be allowed.
The Swedish citizens and persons who work or live in Sweden are already excluded from the entry bans and other imposed restrictions.
Since January 1, non-Swedish nationals travelling from Britain have been obliged to present a negative result of the Coronavirus test, in order to be permitted to enter Sweden’s territory.
All persons travelling from the United Kingdom to Sweden must present proof of a negative result of the COVID-19 test, not older than 72 hours before entering the country.
On December 21, authorities in Sweden imposed entry bans on Denmark and the United Kingdom arrivals, which are set to be effective until January 21, 2021, as an effort to halt the further spread of the disease.
As yet, Sweden has registered over 518,780 COVID-19 cases of infections based on Worldometers’ statistics.
A total of 10,185 have died from the COVID-19 pandemic in Sweden up to this point, based on the same source.

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